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Structure or Bearing

Please select above whether the component is a STRUCTURAL or BEARING application, then press one of the tabs above to continue.

Determining the primary function of the finished compoent will direct you to a group materials. For example, crystalline materials (i.e., nylon, acetal) outperform amorphous materials (i.e., polysulfone, Duratron PEI or polycarbonate) in bearing and wear applications. Within material groups, you can narrow the possibilities by indicating requirements specific to your application in the tabs across the top of this tool. At any time, you can select the 'Show Materials' button below the triangle to see the complete list of grades that match your criteria.

Wear Properties are enhanced by MoS2 graphite, carbon fiber and polymeric lubricants (i.e., PTFE, waxes).

Structure Properties are enhanced by glass fiber and carbon fiber.

Maximum Operating Temperature

*Temperature used is the Heat Deflection Temperature Under Load

Maximum Working Stress (continuous load)
Max Static Load at 2% strain
Stress PSI
Limiting PV
PV (MPa - m/s)
Calculate PV
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Determining Surface Velocity
Regulatory and Compliance
Chemical Environment

All data taken at 73°F / 23°C (except Hot Water / Steam)

Static Characteristics